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Preparing for Your Townsville Storage Unit

You might be having trouble with your residential or commercial space lately, simply because you do not have anywhere to arrange your belongings anymore; you might be in the middle of moving from or renovating your home or office. Renting a Townsville storage unit is a great idea to temporarily store your belongings; the facilities are secure at all times and there are different options that you can explore, depending on your specific needs.

However, one of the main problems of people who rent a storage unit is the organisation of their belongings. Let us help you out in this matter through these simple steps.

  • Plan ahead. Your Townsville storage unit will be easier to navigate if you know where everything is. Start by listing down the category for the items you will be storing: such as kitchen stuff, books, clothes, or whatever. Mark the boxes that you are going to use accordingly. If you are storing a lot of items in the unit, you can draw yourself a map so you do not have to sort though every box in the future in case you need a specific item.
  • Follow a simple storage plan. One of the simplest tips that we have come across with throughout our experience is to stack your boxes or crates along the wall. Keep in mind that you should maintain a small space between the wall and your boxes, and put the bulkier items (machinery, appliances, furniture, et cetera) in the middle of the unit. Make sure that there is still space in between the items so you can navigate easily around the room. You can also use the height of the storage unit in order to store more bring in a sturdy stepladder so you can easily access the boxes that you have placed in higher areas.
  • Choose the right containers for your things. You do not have to pay top dollar for high-end storage containers; just make sure that each box or crate is sturdy enough for stacking. Also, you might want to make sure to put documents and other important printed material in containers that will not allow moisture in to avoid damage. Also, you should use different sizes of containers to better organise the things especially the smaller ones that you are keeping in your own Townsville storage unit.

To secure your storage unit in Townsville give Townsville Storage a call today on 0402 431 389!

sizes available

  • Unit 1: 5m wide x 6m deep
    (alleyway access)
  • Unit 2: 3m wide x 10m deep
    (drive in + alleyway access)
  • Unit 3: 3m wide x 10m deep
    (drive in)
Units have 3m ceilings. Roller door access is 2.4m wide and 2.1m high

Before you move

  • Try to pack all your items in labelled boxes
  • Stack heaviest items on the bottom.
  • Consider what items you may need first

What you can Store

  • Personal storage
  • Residential storage
  • Business and commercial storage
  • Document storage
  • Car storage*
  • Boat & motorbike storage*